The Bare Minimum Sucks

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Maybe it’s my age starting to become apparent? Maybe it’s a symptom of the Western world being so busy? Maybe I’ve planted seeds to be on the receiving end of this? 

You are wondering what I’m talking about, right?

I’m talking about folks who do the bare minimum. 

I’m not talking about the people who you only hear from when they send you holiday cards. I’m not talking about the ones who are sick, aging, tired, raising children, care-taking, or just trying to survive. 

I’m talking about the folks who you rely on to do their part and maybe even help you a little bit more. 

Sometimes, I get busy too, but I’m able-bodied (most days), along with having a fancy iPhone that can text, call, or send emails or instant messages on Facebook. It’s not at all hard to “keep in touch” these days. Just sayin.’ 

Of course, there’s people I only talk to once or a few times per year and that’s enough. We are “close” in spirit or at a distance and that’s okay.

I’m also talking about people who you give money to and they are just “meh” in doing their jobs. They never ever go the extra mile ‘cause well, it would interfere with them surfing their news feeds or binge watching their television shows or glancing down at their phones. 

I’m lucky because I have some excellent people in my life I pay to do things for me such as my hair, along with my accountant, chiropractor, massage therapist, physician, nutrient intravenous drip tech person, dentist, etc. I also frequent some local indie shops to buy my music gear, audio recordings such as vinyl records and CDs, skincare, soap, vitamins, and health foods. I love to shop local! My husband JT and I eat at some local restaurants that are stellar with wonderful service. 

I love to give my money to those who care about making me happy as a customer. I never expect others to go the extra mile, but it’s nice when they do. I refer others to their work and services. 

Every now and then, I’ll encounter someone who is just doing the bare minimum for me. I know that not everyone can show up 110% and at times, all they have is 25%…or less. Yeah, I get that. I see it as an opportunity to practice compassion and patience for others and myself. 

It’s especially hard when the bare minimum is extended to you from a loved one. Even when my husband is tired from working long hours, he still takes time to listen to me and give me hugs. It’s hard to accept that you’re the one mostly who has to keep in touch or organize getting together with others. It’s also very tiring. 

I’m not sure what it is, but others doing the bare minimum bugs me. I have some work to do on lowering expectations. I need to extend love to those who don’t have much to give. I need to allow things to be what they are, as in that saying, “It is what it is.” Yeah, it’s very cliched, but it works here.

There will be one bare minimum type of person or situation that will stick out like a sore thumb in your life, just as you were thinking, “Oh, yeah, I thought I had learned these lessons.” You’ll know what to do. It will be time to find a different person or situation. 

If you’re reading this, wondering if I’m talking about you, I’ll bet that I’m not. 

With love and peace,


(copyrighted 2015 by Lisa Selow) 

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