I’m Lisa Marie and I consider myself to be a Wild & Free, Creative spirit. My mission is to motivate you to follow the creative callings of your heart. Nice to "meet" you! (If you are interested in contacting me, see information below.)

You may have found me from one of my other, older websites. If so, welcome! I'm still blogging here, but no longer offering any services. My book, A Rebel Chick Mystic's Guide (published 2012 with Hay House) is still available to purchase on websites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Hay House, Inc.'s.

I set my heart free at the end of 2015, letting go of the whole author/coach thing as an online biz. Some heartbreak and disappointments from being a published author caused me some burnout and fatigue.

The thing is, I still felt called to inspire others by sharing parts of my creative path. I didn’t want to quit writing. So, I began this blog, just before the holidays in 2015.  

After I recovered my health, I knew my old path was no longer sustainable.

I decided to follow my heart and what brings me joy. For me, those things revolve around music, such as playing guitar (electric and acoustic), as well as being a singer-songwriter girl. I enjoy supporting the local music scene in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I live by attending events, open mics, and concerts. 

From time to time, I do mixed media art, including art journaling. I play around with watercolors, acrylics, and markers. Mother nature is one of my muses. 

I really dig things such as yoga and meditation, plant-based cooking, gluten-free baking, taking walks, traveling, sipping decaf coffee, and listening to music. I’m happily married to JT, my wonderful husband who rocks my world. 


Please give me at least 48-72 hours to respond to you. 

Thank you. 

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