She Set Her Heart Free

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

She was tired. 

Her heart had hurt for some years. 

She was told by some to toughen up, to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve. She knew that she was built that way, to wear her heart so proudly that way. Her heart had never steered her wrong…when she listened to it. 

After taking some time to heal her heart, she realized it was time. It was time to listen and to set her heart free.

She wasn’t sure what it would look like when she decided to follow her heart, but she did know what she needed to leave behind to be happy. 

As she disassembled her life that had taken decades to build, she still felt the tinges of heartbreak there. Yet, she still heard her heart whisper to her, “Follow what brings you the most joy.”

“The most joy?,” she asked her heart, “Isn’t that selfish?”

She had to let go of feeling selfish, so she could be healthy and peaceful and feel alive again. She held onto the people, things, and beliefs that felt good in her heart.

Setting your heart free is never easy, but it’s necessary. 

Here’s to freedom,


(copyrighted 2015 by Lisa Selow) 

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