Thursday, May 4, 2017

I’ve been absent here. 
It’s because I’ve been working diligently to restore myself on all levels. 

I have chosen not to share EVERYTHING about all of it online. There is wisdom I want to pass along to others, but since I’m still restoring, I’m not ready to share it yet. 

I will give some hints though about what is to come here:

One day when you come onto this blog, you will see things I’ve created. They are the things my heart wanted to create when I began this blog originally. 

These things I create probably will not be what you expect from me. 

These things won’t be New Age.

These things won’t be about rebellion.

These things won’t have a punk rock or rock ’n roll energy. (That’s not me any more.) 

These things won’t be life coaching. 

These things won’t be about how to be more creative. (You already are creative.) 

These things will be small, simple, gentle, and empowering. 

These things will be shared from the heart. (They won’t have a fancy marketing plan.) 

Until then, I’m continuing to restore my body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. 

You can catch me on here now and then though, as well as on Instagram (@lisaselow).

Restoration takes time, energy, and great self-compassion. 

See you later,

Lisa Selow

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